Estate Planning

Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Healthcare Directives

These three documents are some of the most important reasons to set up an appointment with an attorney today.   The Mock Law Firm can provide you peace of mind by helping you draft and properly execute these documents to ensure that your assets and well-being are being handled in the way that you prefer through life and after death.

Probate and Administration of Estates

When your loved one passes away, The Mock Law Firm can help you navigate the Probate or Administration process by  preparing and filing the proper paperwork with the Probate Court regardless of whether your loved one executed a will or not.  We represent parties in both uncontested and litigated Probate Court hearings.


Sometimes it is necessary for an individual to apply for guardianship and/or conservatorship of a minor child or an adult who is incompetent.  The Mock Law Firm can assist you with preparing and filing the necessary paperwork and ensuring that your loved one is properly protected although they may lack judgment to make decisions regarding their well-being and/or finances.

Creditors Rights

The Mock Law Firm can help creditors file the required documentation to ensure that the creditor will be paid on an estate. Time is of the essence with these types of filings, and it is important to file as soon as possible after the probate process has begun.  In addition, in certain circumstances, creditors can file to open an estate in order to collect sums owed to them.